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Question- Do spirits exist where there is no claims of activity?

    We will attemp to answer this question soon. We do have an abandoned house across from where we live and the only thing we know about it is that the person that lived there passed away but there is no reports of any paranormal activity so we will try and see if there is something there. Who knows we maybe able to find out that there is life after death if we can prove that the previous owner still residing there after he has passed. 


  Spirit Communication.

      Do the spirits have consciousness? From a logical perspective I believe they do. They ( the Intelligent ones ) are aware of their surroundings and of their situation, which in turn urge them to make contact. Spirits have the capacity to think and interact with the living in methods used by investigators to communicate. There are many ways to communicate with the dead with each team having their favorite. EVP, dossing rods, using a pendulum, a Franks box / ghost box, ouiji board, seance and many more countless ways pending on what part of the world your at. I have witnessed a ritual that they say came from the Philippines, where one person related to the deceased after a funeral will don on a veil and go into a trance either  to channel the spirit or take possession of that person in order for family members to communicate with the dearly departed. This ritual takes place during the nine nights of prayer. ( The prayer is a form of cleansing the spirit and those participating of past sins and guiding the spirit to heaven, )  At the time I thought it was cool to see that, but now I know that it was a very seriously dangerous form of communicating with the dead especially for some one who has never done it before and no prior training in this ritual. I see it as a form equal to using the ouiji board, never know what will come through. I am sure there are more ways to communicate with the spirits then the conventional ways here on the islands as there are many different nationalities and beliefs. As my group treks on I'm sure we will learn more ways on how each nationality deals with the paranormal realm and their cleansing ritual.

      There are different electronic equipment out there that  can capture evidence of spirit communication, with each one having their own pro and cons. Like the digital voice recorders and the ghost box, now you can even get free apps on your android that can record evp's and even act like the ghost box. Trouble is there is no way to verify if we are truly communicating with the dead. 


Moon Phase and the paranormal,

It has been conceived long ago that the nights belong to the spirits, and it's no different today as we investigators prod through out the dark hours of the night in search of those elusive beings that once walked the earth along side us.  Through out the ages people have worshiped the moon and attributed moon phases to superstition and folk lore. Legends born in the light of a camp fire,stories passed from generation to generation, through out history the nights belong to the spirits. Today we as paranormal investigators search for that one elusive answer that will unravel the mysteries  of death and life beyond. We still do investigations based on primal beliefs pointing to the moon as a marker to predict paranormal behavior based on moon phases and its physical ability to effect gravitational pull on ones psychic physiology. There are studies done with in a crime lab and mental hospital that backs up theories on the moon phase effecting psychological activity. But as we know that spirits are made of energy and not of water the moons linear gravitational pull has no effect on paranormal activity. My theory is that paranormal activity is based more on the moons luminosity rather then its gravitational effect. What I'm saying is that paranormal activity will increase with each diminishing light   and decrease as the moons luminosity gets brighter. Let me explain, when we are investigating we go into a place and turn off all the lights right? Why do we do this, simple to eliminate excessive  electromagnetic energy there for we will be able to deduce free floating energy from natural causes. Also when a client first experience paranormal activity they experience it in the dark and once they turn on the light it all goes away. Now to tract activity, there are exactly two weeks between moon peaks ( full moon and new moon ) using the new moon as a center since it is the darkest night and taking seven days before and after, record the amount of activity starting 7 days before and ending 7 days after the new moon and see whats your results are. Once done do that with the new moon and compare both data to see if my theory holds any water. I believe the moon holds the key to the amount of paranormal activity with it's peak during the new moon.


Haunting new territory
Could a house with no prior history be haunted? Yes I believe that any house has the potential to have paranormal activity to some degree. I have personally had experienced paranormal activity in a new house we moved into back in 1976. The house was new with no prior tenants, and we watched it being built from the ground up. The things I experienced in that house was not natural to the surrounding area. I believe that the spirits followed my family from one house to the other. I believe spirits has the ability to attach themselves to what ever vessel they want at any given time. Ask any paranormal investigator and they will tell you that one of their main concerns is a spirit following them home from an investigation. My family has been practicing spirit calling forever, and with each generation learning the art of calling to the dead. In my family when a loved one dies they go out with a family member who is able to sense the spirit and go to where the body is ( ie. at the morgue and wait till they see the spirit then calls it home. Witnesses say that once they see the spirit they open the door to the car and let the spirit in so they can bring it back home. They even claim to feel cold spots and smell the persons cologne. Now that the spirit is back home it can travel from relative to relative through personal items distributed among family members. Spirit communication and interaction is possible with any intelligent type spirit, and if you can communicate with the spirit then chances are they can travel with you and haunt a new territory.
Demons and Angels, Do they Exist?
There are many who won't believe in their existence, due to number of personal reasons. But I for one believe that they exist. Through out the years I found one thing that even those who don't believe can't deny, and that is balance. Some will believe that angles do exist but not demons, but I say that angels can not exist without demons or else it would throw the balance of the universe off. Every thing in this world finds a way to balance itself, balance is the key to moving forward. Take this for example if the world was without either evil or good then there would be chaos for no one would know what the other is. We would become mindless robots doing nothing but what we are programed to do. But we were given free will to chose the paths we have chosen in order to experience true balance and proceed in this world. Those who does not believe in one or the other has no balance for with out the other one can not exist. If there was only good in the world then we wouldn't know evil and there would be no guidelines to show us what is considered to be evil. Even the atheist knows whats right and wrong and that stems from good and evil which is represented to mankind as demons and angels. So do demons and angels exist yes they do and very much so and although many will disagree with me, they will agree with that the good and the bad exist and without one or the other there would be no balance. Ask anyone if they follow the law of the land and majority will say yes ( do you agree? ) ok now ask where did the law come from? and majority won't know but it came from the bible which the forefathers will swear is the true word of God.  Now we have laws to tell us whats right and whats wrong ( what is bad in the sight of man ) but the laws were originally for man kind to discern whats good and whats evil in Gods sight, so we can turn back to Him and  turn away from what is evil. It doesn't matter what religion or belief system you may have the one thing you can not deny is that for everything in existence there is a complete opposite and together they create balance. If you still don't believe look in the mirror and tell me what you see? Everything that you have two of  is divided equally on your body right? What you have on your right side you also have on your left side and that creates balance of the body. So do you still think Demons and Angels Exist? 

Today and the paranormal
With advance technology and modern science, why can't we prove  the existence of spirits? As a paranormal investigator I have captured solid evidence in photographs both during the day and during the night. I have posted them on our site. Problem is consistency, with no consistency verification can not be achieved. I believe even with advanced technology and with modern scientific studies the field of paranormal studies are in it's infant stages. Majority of the equipment that an investigator uses were made for other uses and applied to the field of paranormal. The first and real instrument made solely for the paranormal field is the Mel Meter. An electrical meter born out of love for the sole purpose of communicating with spirits.  I am not saying that the other equipment that is in an investigators arsenal are useless but simply stating that the results can't be truly verified.  Lets take the EMF meter for example, when the meter goes off and there is nothing captured on camera to prove that the anamoly is truely paranormal, how can we then turly verify that the anamoly is paranormal? Look at Orbs, once upon a time it was the paranormal investigators gold mine until science proved that majority was caused by natural air born particles, and now even the real anomalies are so easily discounted by fellow investigators.


Can spirits see us?
Logically no faithfully yes. From a logical point of view spirits are made of energy, free floating electrical molecules bonded together with electromagnetism. Therefore they are just a glob of energy with no form what so ever, so how can a spirit see us if they don't have eyes to see.   Thru many investigations I had the privileged of studying spirits do see us as plain as day, that is when they are within our plane of existence. I for one believe that there many levels to our dimension. The first plane is where we are which is governed by the laws of physics the other plane is spiritual which is governed by another set of laws that we are yet to understand. Depending on which plane the  spirit is on at the time of the encounter will determine whether it will see us or not. That's the reason why some believe that they are not able to see us, but my theory is if they can not see us then we would not have so many hauntings. What I mean by this is that every haunting case is defined by what the spirits do, and usually they are trying to get the clients attention. I believe that all intelligent haunting the spirit sees us as we see one another. To back up my believe is by faith when we pass on we are reborn into a new existence. Stated in the bible that "In order to enter into the Kingdom of God, one must be reborn by fire. The first birth was by water ( Natural birth ) the second is by fire ( Spiritual birth ). What we call dying is actually a process to be born again but this time as an everlasting spirit. The spirit is not hindered by human weakness and nor do they suffer the things we suffer from. Spirits don't only see but able to think and feel, and have the full range of emotions that they had when they was alive.

Welcome to the web, the Internets super high way.
Searching for things on the internet is fast, easy, and fun, but have you ever stop to think what else the net can provide? Beyond the screen, past the micro chips and processors to the other side? What dangers lurk with in the signals that you receive from the net? Yes I'm talking about paranormal energy, We often think we are safe  behind the screen for there is nothing but electronic signals coming to our computer and it stops there right? I believe as many in the field do, that spirits are a form of energy, electromagnetic energy to be exact. What we do not know is the limitations of these energy, what they are capable of and what laws do they abide by. Electromagnetic energy are similar to a radio wave length and they react in a similar manner, therefore they can travel as a radio signal through any electrical equipment that can receive and / or transmit radio waves. Look at Evps, caught on cell phones, tape recorders or digital recorders, regular house phones, and on tv as well as radios. Now look at your internet system, WIFi transmitting radio signals to your computer and back. So there is a entrance point and an exit point, All the spirit has to do is use the magnetic pull of the out going signal and arrive at the destination where there is an exit point just before the signal arrives at your computer. So is it possible to send negative energy through the internet? Yes it is possible although no one has proven it the possibilities are there as well as the physics to back it. Here is a good example of it....after chatting with a client who is having possible demonic activity, the atmosphere here had turned heavy and oppressing, with a night plagued with unexpected health issues and a day followed by negative emotions and only after lighting incense did the negative energy lighten up. In the end one must weigh out the event to see if it was negative energy traveling with in the internet or was it just our own imagination brought to light by mere faith.

Words and the power behind it.
Remember when your mom used to say watch what you say? Ever wonder why? It's because words are a powerful instrument that could alter the reality around you. Both receiver and speaker are impacted by the speakers words and alters both reality at the same time, by the way we think and react to the words spoken. The impact on the reality is limited to ones intention, emotion upon delivery and faith in the word spoken. How does this fit into the world of paranormal investigating? If one believes strongly in another's  word chances are that they both will react in a similar manner. For example when one sees a shadow and tells his/her companion and that companion believes the words of the person who saw the shadow, that person will see the same shadow. This is called mass hysteria or mass hallucination. But to me it's mass hallucinatory transduction ( The transference of ones visual image to others via verble suggestion ) where one person verbally cites a visual image and transfer it to others via verbal communication. Upon receiving this information the receiver pending on his or her state at the moment begins to see the same image. Some say it's the power of suggestion that causes this phenomenon but I think it's the power of the words used to suggest that triggers mass hallucinatory transduction. For example if I use the word "I think I see" chances are that no one else would see what I think I saw. But if I were to say "I saw" most likely they will see the same thing. Well it will depend also on the state of being  that person would be in at the time of suggestion, such as  believing that it is possible to see  what I am seeing, that persons faith in the words that I have spoken, and finally the persons desire to experience what I am experiencing, there is a high probability that the person receiving this information will see the same thing.
   Even before time there was proof of words manifesting into reality. Look in the bible and you will see lots of evidence that words can become reality. In genesis God spoke and the sun, moon, the earth and everything in it came into existence including man. The gospel of John in the first chapter speaks of Jesus being a word spoken by God and manifesting into reality. The secrete to the power behind words is faith, by faith was the woman who had a sickness for years was healed. It wasn't because she touched the hem of Jesus' clothes but by believing with out a doubt that if she did that she would be healed by His power just by the mere touching of Him. Look at an exorcism, are they not just words spoken by a priest? With out faith the priest would not succeed in their quest to help those that are possessed. Faith empowers our words to manifest our intentions. Also faith can empower us to render words useless when need be. Lets take curses for example. Curses are the most powerful form of suggestion. Why? because it is easier to convince someone that they are cursed by simply pointing out bad events in their past and tagging it to some form of curse. Once the person start believing in the curse itself will seek out a way to have it removed, and by the power of suggestion is pointed to a person who specializes in the removal of curses and goes to visit. The person who removes the curse will suggest that the person is clean after a ritual of some sort and giving the person some form of token to ensure that the curse was lifted. Some may pay money as an offering as I myself did and find that the problem was not solved. Why? Because we simply did not believe in the process. This takes us back to having faith in the words spoken. We simply believed that someone had the power to curse us and we made it a reality, but when we went to the healer we simply doubted their word therefore we stand at the begining once more. Faith is what gives words the power to do good or bad in our reality.

Hawaii and the paranormal
     Since the dawn of time Superstition and the Supernatural has been interlinked together. Through out the world in every culture and ethnicity you will find both are intertwined and part of their everyday belief. Superstition was a way of explaining the unknown accredited to the supernatural and passed on from generation to generation, some were true and some were not. Today every culture that's in their homeland hangs on to there superstitious beliefs borne of ancient wisdom from ancestors that long have past.   Here in Hawaii we are no different with a diversity of beliefs and superstitious folklore combined with legends to form one universal belief in the supernatural world.   When other cultures migrated to Hawaii to work the plantations, they brought not only their clothes and a will ready for work, but also their ethnic cooking which over time has become local favorites at parties and restaurants around the state, they also brought celebrations that has become traditions here in Hawaii. Most of all they came with their spiritual beliefs. Beliefs which both respected and revered spirits of their homeland as well as the spirits that they now encountered within the new land. This healthy respect for the supernatural from each culture has help shape the way we here in Hawaii treat the spirits of long ago and help guide us as we walk among the souls of ancient Hawaii.
     I was borne in the Philippines and raised here on the island of Maui. My parents migrated to Hawaii also to work the plantations back in the late 60's. Through out the 44 years that I have lived here I have learned about my culture through my parents and my grandparents, listening to ghost stories and the supernatural tales of the Philippines as well as encounters with spirits here on the island of Maui. Growing up here on the same island one can not help but find friends of different ethnicity with different beliefs in the supernatural and their way of dealing with spirits of the past.  The one thing all has in common is a healthy respect for the spirits of ancestors and the supernatural.

Question: Is it possible to trap a ghost like in the movie Ghostbusters?
    Since the release of the blockbuster movie Ghostbusters many have wondered if it was possible to capture a ghost and hold it indefinitely in some kind of case. The repeated attempts made by the Tennessee Wraith Chasers on the show Ghost asylum further fueled many ghost hunters curiosity. With the invention of the faraday cage would it be a possibility to actually hold a spirit energy within its confine? TWC used many different techniques to try and capture this known energy in the form of electromagnetic energy and hold it in a faraday cage. Though unsuccessful the  science of it is still within its infancy, with time and many trials they maybe the first team to successfully  achieve this goal. If we take the mechanics of what we as ghost hunters believe and what we actually know of the materials that can actually hold and trap a spirit we can come up with an actual trap that would work.