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Maui's Haunted Locations

We have investigated

Iao Valley's Kepaniwai Heritage Park

 April 21st 2012  Kepaniwai heritage park.

New moon Investigation

Iao Valley's Kepaniwai Heritage Park located 2 miles above Wailuku town. During the day many locals and tourist alike flock to the valley to see the beauty of high mountain cliffs dense with foliage or to swim in the cold clear waters of Iao Stream. Kepaniwai Is dotted with replica buildings honoring the many immigrants that came to Hawaii in the early 1900's to work the sugar cane fields. But there is a darker side to the beauty of the valley a side you will only find if you take the time to read. Before King Kamehameha the 1st and the war that united the Hawaiian Islands, the valley was filled with taro patches reserved for the chiefs of Maui. Until the invasion of King Kamehameha and his army, the war raged through out the central part of Maui and into Iao valley where King Kamehameha defeated the Maui warriors. There were so much dead that the bodies dammed the Iao river and the river ran red with the blood of the warriors for days, and that is how the park got its name " Kapaniwai" The damming of the river. At night Iao is a favorite hang out for locals to party and have some fun. But after the music and laughter has faded the park takes on an ambiance of eerie silence as the past comes back to walk the silent grounds. Only a few locals brave the silence to walk among the spirits of the past adding to the legends and ghost stories that has been collected through out the years. As a paranormal investigator my team too braved the silence to bring back proof of the spirits that walks through out the valley.    


Old Maui High School

For many years Old Maui High was notorious for its haunting, with many generations flocking to this historic site on the Island of Maui to experience their very own encounters with the supernatural. Located about 2 miles past Paia town, in the middle of no where looms the skeletal remains of the admin building that once were active with students and staff alike, now inhabited by the spirits of those who once passed thru here returning to call this place their home. The school was built in 1913 to educate the students of Maui catering to the regions of the country side to the once populated town of Puunene. The school was closed in 1972 after the new Maui High School was built in the center of Kahului.  After its closing in 1972 it was turned into a rehab center then some time later was abandoned and left to ruins. A fire devestated the admin building some years later and a group formed by Rich Lucas "The friends of Old Maui High" took over the property and started their project of restoring the once majestic school.