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Cases Files

Cs#0001KMH - Private business 01152011

 This was our first case before we started Maui Paranormal Investigations. The only equipment we had at the time was a digital camera and an android app. We heard paranormal claims from employees about a tree in the parking lot, where they would feel cold spots during the day and would get sick after eating under the tree. During the time we were there we felt the cold spots under the tree but I'm not sure if  it was mind induced phenomena since we did not have proper equipment to verify it. We did take lots of pictures and caught some good pics of orbs. There was no conclusive evidence to show that the tree was haunted.

      We revisited the site on March of this year and found no existing evidence of paranormal activity. We believe the activity was caused by a self promoting story by human embellishment. 

Evidence captured:  Picture of orbs


Cs#0002KMH - Private residence 01182011

Our second investigation was at a private residence in Kahului. Tenants of this residence claim to see 3 full body apparitions  by the tree outside their yard, disembodied voices and phantom smells in the house. Our investigation of the resident showed no evidence of any kind within the house. There were anomalies outside the house but no real credible evidence to support the clients claims. We believe that what they were experiencing were residual haunting due to no new report from the clients.

Evidence captured: Picture of orbs


Cs#0003LLA - Private residence 03062011

This is a private residence that my wife and I were staying at in Lacombe Louisiana, and this is our experience regarding this location. We both would  witness events through out the time we stayed there. There were cold spots that we would chase around the room, shadows walking from wall to wall, orbs of light would go zooming by, disembodied voices when no one else is home, furniture would rock on their own even when we were on it. We both was touched physically by unseen hands a number of times, had the blanket pulled off my wife as we both watched it move. Due to the brightness of the flash from the camera we weren't able to capture any evidence of the paranormal inside the house. We did capture orbs outside the house. Our assessment of the house is that it is active.


Cs#0004MLA - Public park 04122011

Fountaineblue state park Mandaville, Louisiana. ( The sugar mill ruins )

This is not an actual case due to the fact that we did not investigate the park. On our first trip we were site seeing and went to the sugar mill ruins to take pictures. Upon getting home we looked at the pictures and saw the 4 people on the wall and a man standing to the right of the tree. It was our first credible photo. We went back a few weeks later and showed the ranger and the visitors center what we found and he placed it on the wall for visitors to see. That same day we went back to the ruins located right in back of the visitors center and took more pictures. It wasn't til we got back to Hawaii when we started looking over the photos and noticed the shadow in the middle of the ruins. That is our holly grail photo.


Cs#0005WMH - Public Park 04212012

Iao Valley's Kepaniwai Heritage Park ( New Moon )

There are so many stories and encounters with the paranormal here, that we have decided not to list them, instead we will give you brief history of this place. This place once was covered with terraces of taro patches, with a single path leading into the valley. The Maui chiefs thought it would be the best place to deter King Kamehameha and his forces during his campaign to unit the Hawaiian Islands under his rule. Little did the Maui cheifs know that they were trapping themselves within the valley. The battle was fierce and many warriors died on both side. There were so many bodies that they dammed the river and the river ran red with the blood of the warriors hence giving the name Kepaniwai ( Damming of the river.) We investigated all the houses dedicated to the many cultures that now resides on the Island as well as the pavilions that has shared the many happy memories of the islanders. During our investigation we did not have many personal experiences, but one house proved to be a hot spot. Paula and BJ two of my investigators both felt presences in the Chinese house. Paula got pics of something in the back of the house where no one was at and a second pic that was taken on the side of the house showed a shadow the size of a child. We plan to do a second investigation of Iao on May 5.


Cs#0006WMH - Public Park 05052012

Iao Valley's Kepaniwai heritage Park Pt 2 ( Full moon/ Super moon )

Our second investigation was during the full moon ( Super Moon ) to see which night would yeild more evidence. What we found out is that during the new moon this place was more active. Last night seems quiet and peace full. There were two unexplained EMF spikes where there was nothing to cause it. The rest of the night we had two more personal experiences but nothing was registered on any of the equipment. All evidence are pending review at this time. I will post what I find in the next few days.


Cs#0007KMH - Private residence 05072012              

Mini investigation into a private residence turned out inconclusive due to being unprepared for having the family in the home. But will reschedule for a daytime investigation of the place at a later date. I recommend audio and video surveillance, and have the residents log down events of activity. Also to raise positive energy and not negative energy. One contributing factor is one of the family member is in the hospital and the outcome may introduce stronger paranormal activity. Though my personal thought is that the entity is not related to the tenants but is connected to the land lord and with the past history of the house. Further investigation is needed.

Cs#0008PMH - Private Property 05192012
*** **** **** ******
The place seemed peaceful and serene despite the many rumors of it being haunted. even during the night as we investigated there were nothing to indicate that the place was active. There were three personal experiences by members of my team  including myself. But there were no actual evidence captured to back our personal experiences. The investigation started at 6pm and ended at 9pm. Equipments we used for this investigation is a vivtar night vision camcorder, 2 digital cameras, emf ghost meter, laser grid, laser thermometer, and a digital voice recorder. Evidence caught on the night vision camcorder lasted for a minute between start to end, our photographic evidence showed two possible anomalies and a few orbs. Our digital voice recorder caught a total of 15 evps out of 15 minutes of audio. Based on the evidence captured, there is paranormal activity but not to the extent that the place can be classified as haunted. To determine reclassification the place will need follow up investigations. As of now we will list it as a level 1 activity  due to the type of activity that were present and recorded.

Cs#0009KMH - Private Residence06022012
This case had lots of high EMF emitting from electrical appliances and the house was sandwiched between high tension wires. Out in the back was yards off the highway with lots of trees and plants.   


Cs#0010CLA1 - Playmakers Theater  Covington Louisiana
Evidence is still being reviewed for this case.