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Welcome to my page
Hi I'm Ray the founder and lead investigator for Maui Paranormal Investigations along with my wife Paula. Maui Paranormal Investigations was formed on January 15, 2011 and launched on Face Book on February of 2011. We are a non profit organization providing free investigative services into the paranormal. My wife and I have been investigating the paranormal together since February of 2011. Together we have photographed spirits, some explainable but others we ourselves can not explain. We have formed a team of investigators with different background and beliefs to provide our team with different insights in order to provide our clients with the best possible answer to their concerns with the paranormal. As a new team and still growing we are actively seeking new members to our team, and if your interested please feel free to contact us. Thank You.

You can Email us at


you can find us under Maui Paranormal Investigations on face book

Our team members

Ray Cachola Founder and Lead investigator

Paula Cachola Co-Founder and Lead investigator

Rebecca McLean Spiritual Advisor

Sarah Bjerke Researcher

BJ Rafanan Tech support

Rick Madill Tech Support

Alex Valois Investigator

Oahu Members

Teresa Thomason Lead investigator

Kelly Goodlette Lead investigator

Out of state members

Pat Tucci Author of Pat's corner

Daniel Beer Old School Paranormal Wisconsin

Bonnie Smith