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Photographic Evidence

April 21st, 2012

Enlargement of object in back -->



Investigation # 0001    Date 4-21=2012     Moon phase - New Moon    Start time  7:00PM      End Time 8:15PM

Weather Data.                                                                          Base Observation.

sunset at 6:47pm                                                                    7:30 pm

Partly cloudy                                                                             Cloudy w/ brief rain

temperature 71-78' F                                                              69-71' F

winds ENE 12 to 15 mph with gust of 20 mph                  N 0-2 MPH

precipitation 10%                                                                    EMF 0

Humidity 61 to 68%                                                               

Personal Experiences:

1) Cold spot felt by BJ in back of Chinese house

2) Single high EMF spike at pavilion #4 by Paula

3) Disembodied Voice in Chinese house heard by Paula

4) Rick was touched on the right hand in pavilion #4

5) Paula felt energy from the Chinese house evidence captured on pic


0 captured on analog, need to get digital

Video Evidence :

0 poor camera lighting, need to get more ir lights

Photographic Evidence:

2 digital  35mm pics still pending.



All pavilion electricity shut down, lights only by bathroom which is locked. Replica houses has no electricity.


All in all I think that our team did a very good job, I was very impressed with the way they conducted the investigation.  

Alex and Cody was a no show.

Need to organize equipment use so that we maximize the potential to capture more evidence.

Based on my observation Rick, BJ, Sarah, and Savanah did a good job on investigating and are being promoted to full Investigators with the exception of Savanah until she decides to join the team.

My personal thoughts on Iao,

For me personally I have not felt any energy or experienced anything out of the ordinary except after the investigation when I felt a strong energy between the Filipino house and the Portuguese garden. It was strong enough to make the hair stand on edge. I for one I can't claim it paranormal for I didn't have the chance to record my experiences with any of the equipment.  The last time I felt this was at Nu'uu landing when the Night Marchers was around.  Overall feeling of the place was serene and I felt at home as for activity wise I give it a 2 for the pics caught and the personal experiences. Based on our investigation I say there is some activity there but as for being haunted I can't determine it at this time without further investigations.

     I plan to revisit Iao and do a second investigation some time in the future and maybe do a longer session this time between the hours of 10pm and 2am. I personally think the timing was a bit to early in the night to kick up any full potential activity. Also I would like to place a camcorder facing the Chinese house unattended to see if there is any activity when no one is there at the same time a voice recorder to capture any potential disembodied voice. Also set one for pavilion #4. I personally recommend a second investigation.

Second investigation of Iao Valley on May 5th 2012