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February 2011 Maui Paranormal Investigations first private home investigation in Kahalui. We were armed with a tape recorder and a digital camera. Clients claims to see light anomalies near the tree out side of their yard as well as within the front yard of the house. Cold spots inside the house as well as voices. We could not verify the cold spots due to the lack of equipment at the time. Also we have not captured any evps. We did capture orbs by the tree and in the yard itself but no real credible evidence.


March 2011, Private resident in Lacombe Louisiana. We were still armed with a digital camera and an analog tape recorder. This was my personal experience at the time for I was visiting. There were cold spots in the room, and other times I heard voices when the house was empty, Touched physically by unseen hands, and my wife had the blanket pulled down off here while we were laying in bed. Throught our time there between March of 2011 to June 2011 we had lots of experiences but only caught orbs mainly outside of the house.

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