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Welcome to my page

Hi I'm Ray  founder and lead investigator for Maui Paranormal Investigations. Maui Paranormal Investigations was formed on January 15, 2011 and launched on Face Book on February of 2012. We started as a husband and wife team searching for answers to the unknown. Together we have formed Maui Paranormal Investigations a non profit organization providing free investigative services to help others cope and deal with their paranormal experiences. My experience with the paranormal started when I was 4 years old and growing up in a multicultural environment I was taught to respect  the spiritual world. My quest to find answers to the paranormal did not start till 2004 after seeing pictures of orbs that did not resemble anything I have found on the net. On January 2011 My wife and I created a husband and wife team - Maui Paranormal Investigations to research paranormal activity. On February 2012 My wife launched MPI on face book in hopes of finding others doing research with in the paranormal field.    

       We currently live in Bogalusa Luisiana and hoping to start our group back up. We haven't been real active in the field due to the lack of places to investigate. 

      We apologize for not being able to update our page lately due to the recent move to Louisiana and trying to settle down. Now that we have gotten somewhat back on our feet we are now trying to restructure our team so that we will have members both on Maui and here in Louisiana. Thank you for your patience.  


      We also would like to apologize to our visitors on our web page for not responding ASAP, We hope we will be able to respond frequently in the near future.

      As we build our team out here and search out new haunted locations within the north shore area of Lousiana, we have found a few members that we would like to welcome to our team.


Ray Cachola    Founder and Lead Investigator

Paula Cachola Co-Founder and Lead investigator

New Team members:

CJ Potter   Covington Louisiana. Tech Manager


You can Email us at


On Face Book at:


                                                                                                          Original MPI Members from left to right :  

                                                                                                           Rebecca, BJ, Me, Paula

Out of state members

Pat Tucci                            Author of Pat's corner & Spiritual advisor

Daniel Beer                      Old School Paranormal Wisconsin & Audio specialist

Bonnie Smith                   Video specialist

Sharon Swift                     Evidence review and analysis specialist

Joe Andrade                     Demonologist 

Mahalo  for signing my guest book